Dog in a Hole   1 comment

I was coming home from shopping today, and as I drove in a dog’s head seemed to rise out of the earth right by the road.  So when I got the groceries unloaded, I went back to look, and this is what I found.



It was Gena — not Xena, but her look-alike buddy Gena — asleep in the hole she had dug while chasing a ground squirrel.  She was totally invisible until you were right on top of her.

She gave me the Look that means, “Am I in trouble?  I’m just an innocent little doggie.”


“It’s the squirrel’s fault if the fence falls down!  I just made the hole a little bigger, trying to stop the nasty creature!”


Well, I don’t think the fence is going to fall down, Gena; but maybe you’d better choose another napping spot.  Don’t push your luck!

Posted February 23, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Pets

One response to “Dog in a Hole

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  1. that is TOO cute! give her a kiss from me please!

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