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Well, not all of it.  I still haven’t talked to someone who was actually there during the dog attack, so my information is second and third-hand.  We haven’t heard how the horse is doing, but we have heard that the lady who was riding him broke a couple of ribs when she came off.  Another group of riders came along at this time, and the dog also attacked them; but they managed to get away.  It sounds like it could have been a lot worse.  When I find out how the horse is doing, I’ll post that.

On a more cheerful note — son Scott has spent the last couple of days hauling composted manure, and his last task was to bring us some.  Billy has an idea for raising tomatoes.  We haven’t been able to do that because the Bermuda grass promptly takes over the bed.  He thinks that if we put some of the big tractor tires we use for feeders on the sidewalk around the house, and fill them with manure and dirt, we can have a few tomato and squash plants without the weed problem.  I pointed out that, since these tires have not bottom, that the soil would all was out when we watered.  He thinks we can get around that with a drip line.  We shall see.  The tires sure don’t look very attractive . . .


. . . but they just might work.

I don’t know what we’d do without the big tractors.  The numerous Ford 8 and 9Ns do well for the light work, but for the heavier stuff, we need the John Deere and the backhoe.  They do everything from moving manure to hauling garbage.  And all of the men enjoy using them.

It’s a guy thing.


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  1. Hi Roberta, I was there during the attack and saw my friend today to check on her. Dr. Paul gave the horse a massive shot of antibiotics yesterday for the puncture wounds. The face wounds he is not as concerned about but the leg wounds are more of a concern as the dog “skinned” a portion of the leg and it is susceptible to infection. She will be pressing charges to recover the vet bills.

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