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It’s really warm today; 75 right now at nearly four o’clock.  It’s not a good day for knitting, and I haven’t done much.  Still, the Riot scarf/shawl has been coming along.


It certainly is a riot of color.  My sack of yarn odds and ends is getting smaller and smaller.  I can’t decide if I like the right side or the wrong side (below) more.

riotfeb13 2

The trouble is that some of the remnant colors are running out.  If they don’t last to the end, I might be tempted to go and try to find some more, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Son Scott has been using the backhoe to run compost up to friend and neighbor Peggy.  It’s really pretty stuff (for compost) consisting of very old, well-rotted horse manure mixed with soil.  It ought to give her raised beds a real boost.

Looking at it, Billy has decided it might be nice to use it ourselves, and grow some squash and tomatoes.  The trouble is, everything we plant is promptly overrun with squirrels, rabbits, gophers, and worst of all — Bermuda grass.  His idea is to fill some of the tractor tires we use for feeders with compost, and put them on the patio.  The trouble with that is when you water, all of that nice soil will wash right out.  His solution is to put in a drip system that will water so slowly and gently that there won’t be a problem.  We’ll see if it works.  I wouldn’t mind some nice tomatoes — without going to the farmers’ market.


Posted February 16, 2013 by stablewoman in Needlework

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