They’re Nearly Done   1 comment

The new pens, that is.  The crew has been working hard, and it won’t be long now.


The gates are hung; the water troughts are in; and the tractor-tire feeders — very safe and effective — are in place.  David is cutting the uprights for the shelters.  The roofs will be the last step.

The new tackrooms arrived, too.  There are two; this is the larger.


It’s pretty cute.  It looks almost good enough to live in.  It’s a little short on electricity and plumbing, though.

Here’s David saddling out the last pole.  Years of practice enable him to eyeball it.


Just the roofs now, and they’ll be done.  We had yet another lady in today, looking for a place for her two horses.  Nearly three hundred horses here, and the waiting list is getting longer.

On the negative side, someone went in the men’s bathroom here and stuffed the washbowl drain full of paper towels.  Then they turned on the water full blast.  By the time Billy, driving by, noticed it, we had a little river flowing down the road and an inch of water on the floor.  I went out with a broom and swooshed most of it out the door, and left it open to dry out.  There’s not much harm done, but what a stupid, pointless thing to do.  We’ll have an eye out for strangers walking through.

At least it wasn’t the toilet.


Posted February 14, 2013 by stablewoman in Duffy

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  1. Our barn is full of people and kids. We realized early on that a public bathroom that we needed to tend, could turn into a full time job, and none of us were plumbers! For public access, we did the Port-A-Pot thing. One monthly fee and they come out every week (even on holidays!) to clean that sucker up for us, and we never have a stopped up drain. A bottle of hand sanitizer, and I get to spend my days a little less soggy! Good Luck!

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