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Jennifer the farrier does the ponies for me.  Very few farriers enjoy doing ponies; it’s just so far down there.  Either they get cricks in their backs from stooping so far, or they crank the ponies feet up so high that the little guys are uncomfortable and get resentful.  Jennifer, though, is very good with them.  Here she is with Bella.


I like the way her (Jennifer’s) ponytail flops over, looking much like Bella’s own tail — only softer.  You can see it’s still a long way to bend, even for Jennifer.

This afternoon Bella and I, with Marion and EZ, went for a walk.  We went down to the river, up the riverbed and under the bridge, up to the road, and back under the bridge on the road.  That last is much scarier, with the traffic roaring by only a few feet overhead.  We all did very well.  Then we went to try out the new bridge one of the boarders built.  It’s to school their horses, but we didn’t figure they’d mind if we crossed it.  Bella did very well; EZ had a bit more trouble.  He wasn’t afraid of it, and he thought he was doing what was asked of him, but he’s so much larger he just walked across or by it.  It’ll take practice, but it’s fun doing new things.

Now we have to think about what to try next.


Posted February 13, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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