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It was a beautiful day today, and there were people riding and relaxing all over the place.  We were all puzzled, though, by the police (or sheriff’s) helicopter circling overhead.  It searched for an hour, hour and a half — maybe more.  It circled south of us, east of us, and west of us, over and over.

See?  Here it is.


See it?  That little black speck just over the horse trailer?  Well, maybe not.  Here’s another view.


Drat.  It’s blurry.  Well, try again . . .


Drat.  I missed — or maybe it’s behind that post.  Well, at least there are a couple of nice horses in the picture.

Maybe we’ll find out what it was up to on the evening news.  Or maybe not; we usually don’t.

And maybe the pilot was just out enjoying the beautiful day like everyone else.


Posted February 11, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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