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Boarder Jill brought in another Welsh today.  Not a Welsh pony, like Kody and Bella, but a Welsh Cob.

They are all related, and recorded in the same registry.  Kody and Bella, under twelve hands, are Section A; Welsh Mountain Ponies.  Next is Section B; the larger Welsh Pony.  Section C is the Welsh Pony of Cob Type, which is more heavily built and powerful; “cobby”.  Last is Section D, the Welsh Cob, which is more of a small, strongly built horse.  Fiona, who came in today, is a Welsh Cob.


She is a pretty thing, and appears to be true black.


All four kinds are brilliant at the trot.  I’m looking forward to seeing Fiona on the move.

I asked Kody and Bella if they liked having a relative around, but they were pretty noncommital!

Well, off to watch the Super Bowl.  Or at least the commercials.  I hear the one with the Clydesdale foal is pretty cute.


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