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. . . since I’ve driven Kody.  It’s just been too cold and unpleasant.  Today, though, I had no excuses at all, and neither did Kody — except for the layer of dirt from yesterday’s bath.  Eventually I got it all scraped off, and we went for a drive.  He behaved beautifully, considering his long vacation, and even worked up a little sweat.


When I went out to harness up, there was not a soul around.  By the time I finished getting ready, there were people and horses everywhere.  It’s been so long since they’ve seen Kody and the cart go by, I felt like apologizing to everyone.  However, they handled the scary object well.  The exceptions were four or five horses who’d come in since I’d driven — that’s how long it’s been — but luckily no one was working with them.  They were free to snort and blow and cavort around, before retreating to the other end of their pens.  By the time I’d made a few circuits, they’d mostly decided that the cart wasn’t a horse-eating monster.

It may be a few days before Kody and I get out there again, but it’s nice to be back in the saddle — so to speak.


Posted February 2, 2013 by stablewoman in Horses, Kody

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