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Pony washing, that is.  It was a nice warm 66 today, so I took advantage of the warmth to get some of the green out of the ponies’ tails.

Kody was the worst, of course.  He is a perfect pig.  I still don’t know how he manages to get manure in his forelock.  I took a long time with him, scrubbing his mane, tail, and forelock.  I took a quick picture before I turned him out . . . I knew it wouldn’t last long.


He takes hours to dry, so I knew I might as well put him in his pen and let him dry himself.  Which he did, with great enthusiasm and lots of grunting.  I walked away and didn’t look back.

Bella, on the other hand, is a very clean little mare.  I just washed her tail.   Her hay had just arrived when I put her away, so I didn’t even have to look away.

It’s sure beautiful here, and it’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.  It’s outdoor weather again — at least for a few days.

Posted February 1, 2013 by stablewoman in Horses, Kody

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