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I went out the other day and found the duster I use for my cart missing.  It was stored with the tools right beside that cart.  The cover was there, but no duster.

Then today I went out to use my pooper scooper, kept by the garage door, and it was gone.  It was not a standard scooper, but one like a curved rake.  It was ideal for scooping from a lawn.  Incidentally, our dogs don’t do their business on the lawn.  This is a visiting dog; and when he’s not here — no little presents.  Or rather large presents.

But I couldn’t figure what anyone would want with either duster or scooper.  Usually when stuff goes missing, it’s one of our wandering river-dwellers who needed it.  But I can’t imagine any of them having a use for a duster or a scooper.

Billy suggested that one of our visiting rugrats might have taken them for toys, and carted them off.  That sounds possible.  In that case, they should show up eventually.  Meanwhile, I’ll have to find other ways to dust and scoop.

Kind of a gray day here . . . so here’s a picture from the past worth seeing again.



High grass and sparkling dew . . . no drought then.

Posted January 23, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River

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