Bella Rides Again   Leave a comment

Or gets ridden, rather.  She and Melissa had another session, and they trotted this time.

bellanmlisajan21 2

It’s too bad this shot obscures Melissa’s face.  I’ll do better next time, but I didn’t want to get too close and be a distraction.

They both did just fine.  Bella scooted forward once, and still isn’t consistent on the backing up.  She’s improved, though.  And she looked pleasant and relaxed at the walk and trot.

Last night was another busy night.  Late in the evening, we heard a terrific boom, followed by screeching brakes — just the opposite of what you’d expect.  Billy jumped into the pickup and went to see if a car had landed in a pasture.  When I looked out, though, I could see lights flashing up on the bridge.  It had been a wreck, all right; but luckily no one was hurt, and neither vehicle went off the bridge.  The cars and the just-replaced bridge railing were the only casualties.

After I went to bed, I heard Xena go screeching out the door after the coyotes we heard howling.  She came right back, but when she did it a second time, I dragged myself out of bed and called her in.  She looked so smug; “See, I drove them off.”  Riiight.  I put the insert in the dog door, and went back to bed.  Later I got to worrying that Billy would forget to take the insert back out, so I got up again and did that.  Xena and Rye are housebroken, but they’ve always had the freedom of a dog door, and I’m not sure how they’d handle being locked in for hours.

Later still, Billy woke me up to let me know he’d heard something — a horn honking — and was going out to check the yard.  I managed to stay awake until I heard the pickup come back in.  Then I snuggled back down and remember no more until six-thirty.

At least, it didn’t freeze.


Posted January 21, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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