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Yep, it froze again last night.  The crew hadn’t opened a lot of lines, because the prediction was for 34 or so.  Billy looked out about four o’clock and saw that his pickup’s windshield was frosted over, so he got up and opened all of the lines up wide.  We lost only one plug, but everyone’s gloomy at the thought of doing it again tonight.  Surely it’s got to warm up soon; this is Bakersfield, for heaven’s sake!

I went out with my camera this afternoon, and it was nice and warm.  I got some nice pictures before the camera froze up; not the weather, as it turned out, but the battery.  So I went back and got the iPhone before I got Bella out.  I was planning to introduce her to some more spooky stuff, and I wanted a record — if it went well, that is.

It went pretty darned well.  She not only walked on the tarp I laid out, but had a good try at eating it.  I even dropped the leadline and stepped back to get this shot — though I could have stepped back farther.


I should have been on the other side, too.  Oh, well.

It doesn’t look as though grocery bags are going to be a problem, either.


I picked up a plastic stool and waved it around, then balanced it on her back, too.  We’ll keep on working this way between rides.  It’s not hard to find obstacles to work on around here.

But I’d better go pick up that tarp before I get in trouble!


Posted January 18, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Weather

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