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When the sun peeked over the horizon this morning, Xena and Gena were sound asleep on the new dog bed we were given.  They think it’s the best thing since dog biscuits.

The iPhone was handy, so I whipped it out.  Of course one of them immediately woke up.  This is the conversation that I imagine followed.

Gena:  Hey, wake up!  Wake up; she’s looking at us with some sort of weird thingie!xenangena1

Xena:  Wha . . . huh?  Who?  Where?


Xena:  Say, didn’t I have more room than this before?


Gena:  Zzzzz . . .

Rye refuses to set foot on it.  Either she thinks it’s a dog-eating monster, or that it’s exclusive to red-and-white Border Collies.

It’s still cold — three plugs blew out this morning — but definitely warmer.  Bella and I took a nice walk this afternoon; down to the river, along the river path, under the bridge, up to the road, and back under the bridge.  If she’s going to be a trail pony, she needs to see everything.  The dogs came along, too, so she’s getting exposed to a lot.  It’s all good experience, and we both enjoy it — I think.

They’re predicting lows in the forties and highs near seventy by the end of the week.  Woo-hoo!


Posted January 17, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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