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It was cold last night.  We decided once more that the electric blanket is a wonderful invention.

In the morning, there was quite a bit of breakage.  For example . . .


Notice Xena there, trying not to let all of her paws touch the ground at the same time.  It didn’t stop her from coming, though.  The ground was so hard that her dainty paws, as she passed me at a run, sounded like the stampede of Thunderhoof the Bison.

Billy, David, and Scott were all going in circles, trying to get everything shut down before the water flooded any pens.  They were successful — mostly.  It’s so dry, though, that the water will sink right in.

This afternoon was interesting for a different reason; Melissa rode Bella again.  This time I got some pictures . . .





Bella was a very good girl — look how relaxed she looks above — except for a bit of trouble with backing up.  That will come with work.  I was especially impressed when a horse in the arena behind her came thundering by at full gallop, repeatedly.  Bella gave a little start the first time, then ignored him.  That’s a very good sign; many horses come completely unglued when another gallops by, even with a lot more experience than Bella.  And Melissa’s so slim, she doesn’t look as though she overwhelms the little critter.

I’m really pleased.


Posted January 14, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Weather

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