Where’s Spanky?   1 comment

Grandson Andrew called yesterday, wanting to know if we’d seen his dog Spanky.  We hadn’t, and we realized he hadn’t been around all day.  When he didn’t show up at feeding time, we began to get worried.  He never misses food.

As usual, Billy spent the first part of the night sleeping in his recliner.  It was three or four in the morning before Spanky hit the doggie door and woke him up.  He looked around — probably expecting dinner — then ran back out, pursued by all of the girls except Rye.  At least we knew he was all right, and our guess was that he was in pursuit of a female.

We were right.  This afternoon, I was exercising Bella when Billy pulled up and started honking.  Spanky was gone again, and this time he was running down the street after his lady friend.  Billy yelled at him to go home, but he ran off toward town.  I hopped in the truck, and we went to find him.  It didn’t take long, and he hopped right in the pickup when I ordered him to Load Up.  We packed him back home and shut him up in Andrew’s horse trailer.

I don’t think he’s going to have as much fun tonight.

I went back and got Bella out of the round pen — people were waiting — then went back to give Kody a carrot.  He was giving me the “Look at me; aren’t I cute, too?”  look.

Yes, Kody, you certainly are.


I’ll play with you tomorrow.


Posted January 13, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Kody, Pets

One response to “Where’s Spanky?

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  1. Sounds like Andrew may have to neuter a certain dog…

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