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I wanted to record the growth of the new grass.  It grows slowly when the weather is cold, but it had begun to sprout.  There hasn’t been much rain, but enough to keep it coming, so I was surprised when I couldn’t find any.

Then I looked around and realized why.  The rabbits had gotten it all.  They had even stripped the bitter wild mustard of its leaves.



It’s been a tough winter for bunnies.  When the crew drops a little hay in the road, they’re on it like so many furry vultures.  If a horse leaves a little stem, it vanishes in a hurry.  Most of the lawns around here are Bermuda.  You can find rabbits shoulder to shoulder grazing in the summer, but now there is nothing.

There’s not much cover, either, so the predators are thriving.  Last night, when I opened the door and looked out, a huge shadow detached itself from the old poplar and flew away.  It was a Great Horned Owl.  We’ve heard it and its mate hooing back and forth most nights.

So nature is balancing itself.  Still, we’ll hope for a little more rain, so the grass will grow, and the surviving bunnies can entertain us . . . and the dogs, who have yet to catch one.  Not for lack of trying.


Posted January 7, 2013 by stablewoman in Nature

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