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The morning started off cool and drizzly; then the sun came out and riders started going in all directions.  I went shopping.  I’ve been trying to find Billy some nice warm 3 or 4x shirts, and I had some pretty good ones located at JCP.  The 4x turned out to be too big, so I headed back to try for 3xes.  (Is that a proper plural?  I doubt it.)

By the time I got home, I had missed all of the nice weather.  The clouds were looking ominous . . .


Then a front came through, a cold rain started, and riders started hurriedly arriving back home from all directions.

I sure post a lot of cloud pictures.  That’s because we’re cloud-deprived most of the year here in Bakersfield.  All summer long, all you see are pale, hot, empty skies.  Any old cloud is a treat; and black threatening ones like these are a cause for celebration in our desert climate.

There’s a whole chicken simmering in white wine in the Dutch oven; there’s a fire in the fireplace, and the crew just dumped a new load of wood out back; and I have three new books and lots of knitting to finish.  Billy’s dozing in the living room, and it’s time to join him.


Posted January 6, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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