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The growing season is over, and the crops don’t need irrigation.  This is the time of year that the canals are drained and cleaned up, and that means there’s a lot more water in the river — for a while.

It’s kind of a surprise, though, for our riders who’ve been used to sloshing back and forth through a wading depth river.  Here’s how deep it was yesterday, on Melissa’s little paint.  She’s not a very big horse, but still . . . the arrow shows how far up the water got.


Unlike summer water, this is cold.  There probably won’t be many riders crossing the Kern for a few days.

Many years ago — I think it was even before Billy and I were married — I remember crossing the Kern for the first time on my little Welsh mare Telstar.  We went out with a fairly large group.  It was a winter day, much like today, and they decided to cross the river.

Now Telstar was a good willing little pony, about Bella’s size.  I rode her everywhere, and we had crossed lots of water, but never anything like a river.  The other horses waded on over, paused on a little sandbar about halfway over, and went on.  Telstar and I looked at it, and then I cued her to follow.  She sucked back, squinched her eyes shut (I swear!), and tried to jump the whole river.  We landed about halfway out with a terrific splash.  After we both quit sputtering, she splashed on across and we finished the ride without any problems.

But I can’t recommend a winter ride when you are wet to the waist.

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