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Xena seems to be taking her new duties as a watchdog seriously.  She barked at another dog going through today.  Unfortunately, a thirty-pound dog with a soprano shriek for a bark is not very impressive — even when the other dog is a Chihuahua.

Here she is practicing her steely-eyed watchdog stare.


Actually, it’s a lot like her steely-eyed Border Collie sheep-intimidating stare.  Whatever works . . .

There was a lot of popping and banging from town last night at midnight, but no problems here.  It was actually more peaceful than the night before.  We dozed in the living room, and woke up to watch the ball drop.  Billy was more concerned with the temperature, as there was a freeze watch.  He had the light on the pump, and water running at the ends of the main lines.  There is one faucet we leave running, and some helpful person has gone by in the wee small hours of the morning and turned it off.  I’m sure they think they’re helping, but that’s the time of morning it’s most likely to freeze up.  We can’t figure out who it might be, or we would catch them and explain that they were Not Helpful.  Billy told David to take the handle off when he opened it.  That’ll be a bit inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as fixing a pipe split wide open.

And now it’s 2013.  I heard that the Chinese say it’s going to be a much quieter year.  2012 was a Year of the Dragon.  This is the Year of the Pig — peaceful and prosperous.

But I’ve known some nasty mean pigs.


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