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We got a bit of rain overnight, and it’s been a cool and cloudy day; but occasionally there’ve been some gorgeous cloud formations.  I went out after lunch, figuring I’d get some pictures of those, and then catch Bella up and let her play in the round pen.

As I searched for a good vantage point, however, boarder Kay came up to see if I had heard the noise.  What noise?  The screech and thud from up on the road, that’s what noise.  She thought the tunnel might have gotten another one.

I went back to the house and updated Billy, then hiked down toward the tunnel to see if there had been another wreck.  When I got there, it was pretty obvious that something was going on.  All of the horses down that way were watching the road intently, with good reason.

wreckdec26 1

Luckily, the car involved had missed the tunnel, if not by much.  You can still see the oil splat where the Beamer hit.

wreckdec26 3

Apparently, by the time the first responders got there, the driver was gone.

wreckdec26 2

So, after a while, everyone except one patrol car left, and only a tow truck was needed.  By that time, it was too late to play with Bella — I didn’t want her to get heated running, and then chilled as night came on — but at least I got a couple of cloud shots.  Here’s one . . .

cloudsdec26 2

Maybe tomorrow I can do better.


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