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Here it is Christmas Eve again.  There are a couple of Christmas poems that I really like.  Since I couldn’t make up my mind which one to include, I decided to put up one today and one tomorrow.  Today’s is one I first read in college, fifty years ago.  It’s called “A Christmas Tree”, but it’s not your usual tree.


It seemed very appropriate for the coming year.

I actually found my old poetry text.  The discussion question was “Why do you think the author misspelled ‘huddled’ in line 6?”.  That wasn’t too hard to figure out.

The cold weather is hard on the old horses.  Today old Jeb lay down, got under the fence, and couldn’t get up.  It finally took six people and the backhoe to get him on his feet.  As they will do in these situations, he had just given up, and wouldn’t stand up even when they got him lifted to his feet.  It took several tries before he decided he really wasn’t dead, and walked away.  He seems much better now, but Billy will keep an eye on him.

The backhoe is very useful around here, but getting a horse up is not one of its usual jobs.  They rig a sling to the bucket, get the sling under the patient, and lift the bucket.  It works just fine.

I’m having some difficulty in typing, as Rye keeps nudging my arm.  She thinks I should not be wasting time that I could use for petting her.  I guess I’d better get on the job.


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