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I was sound asleep, about two o’clock in the morning, when I was wakened by two dogs rocketing off the bed.  Billy had not yet come to bed (I have mentioned that he sleeps most of the night in his recliner.  It’s easier on his bad knee.) so he hadn’t evicted them.  It had to be something else.

Then I heard him saying that he heard barking, which is unusual with these dogs, and he was going out to investigate.  I made sure he had his cell phone, and settled back to wait for him.

It was about ten minutes when I heard him driving in.  The pickup door opened, then closed, and he drove off again in a hurry.  I peered out the window, and saw nothing for a minute or two.  Then a motor gunned, and a quad came roaring by.  A moment later, there came the pickup hot on its trail, and they both vanished under the bridge.  It took another ten or fifteen minutes before Billy drove back in, and this time he made it back into the house.

He said that he had driven around and not seen anything, but when he came back the first time he heard the quad up on the levee.  He drove back to see what it was doing, and by the time he got down to the shop it passed him at high speed.  The guy yelled, “Sorry!” as he went past.  Then Billy followed him around to be sure he kept going — which he did.

Why anyone would want to be running around on a quad in the freezing cold and dark, I can’t imagine; unless he had designs on the shop.  He apparently didn’t mean any harm, though, but he sure waked us up.  It took a while before we unwound and got to sleep.  The dogs never did come back that night.  Maybe they felt they should stand guard — or hide out.

We got almost enough sleep.  I sure hope that guy stays home tonight.


Posted December 21, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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