Three Dog Night   Leave a comment

WordPress was doing some strange things yesterday.  It kept stalling, and the entries for the last two days came up one day off.  We’ll see if this entry comes up as December 17, which it is, or the 18th.

It was really cold night before last.  I came to bed — and discovered three out of four dogs sacked out on my bed.  They knew it was cold enough to be a three-dog night.  And they figured I was too soft-hearted to evict them.

They were right.

Retribution came, though, when Billy came to bed after his late-night round checking the horses.  He just let out a roar, and dogs scattered in all directions.  I thought I might be trampled.

It didn’t stop them from trying it again last night, though; but it was warm enough that I didn’t feel any guilt about kicking them out. In fact, I woke up and turned off the electric blanket after Billy came to bed.  He provided plenty of warmth.

Today has been beautiful.  Spanky, Xena, and I went down to the river, which still has water in it.

dec17 2

This time, Xena had no hesitation about going in after a stick.  Spanky, though, still preferred to watch from the bank.

dec17 3

Xena made it almost all the way back with the stick.  She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t come and get it.

dec17 4

WordPress is beginning to act up again, so I’ll sign o . . .


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