Walking the Levee   Leave a comment

The city’s been working on the levee the last week or so.  The dogs and I walked downriver, and came back on the levee.  We (or at least I) wanted to know how they were coming.

Downriver first.  There’s actually quite a bit of water in the river.  Here’s a shot taken about a quarter of a mile west, looking downriver.


Here is the view upriver.


It was 45 degrees, and the dogs weren’t as eager as usual to get in the water.  In fact, Rye turned tail and ran for home.

Xena and I, though, came back on the levee.  It is looking a lot better.



In  fact, I was thinking what a nice place this would be for a pony and cart to drive up and down.  The only problem might be the Oildale dogs . . . but that could be a big problem.

I have to think that the levee is a bit redundant.  If the Isabella dam is in place, it’s not needed.  And if the dam breaks . . . it’ll be under about forty feet of raging floodwaters.

Now there’s a disturbing thought.



Posted December 16, 2012 by stablewoman in Kern River

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