December Dawn   Leave a comment

The sunrise was lovely this morning; not flashy, but delicately colored, with the leafless trees like black lace.


The promised clouds have come in, though, and the rest of the day has been grey and cool.  I’ve spent much of it cooking; a big pot of oxtail soup (we love oxtail) and a batch of clam dip.  Tomorrow — cookies!

The weatherman has promised rain overnight.  He’d better come through this time; so far every storm has rained itself out before it got to us.  Still, there’s a chance of rain almost every day in the coming ten days.  Sometimes the storms get stronger when they follow one after the other in close succession.

A little excitement today, when a boarder came in to tell us that one of our horses was running wild, and had been caught by some deputies in the middle of Oildale.  It wasn’t one of our boarders, thank goodness, but another escapee from a back yard.  The same back yard, in fact, from which a different horse escaped a couple of months ago.  You’d think Animal Control would take some interest in her activities.


Posted December 12, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses, Weather

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