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I never noticed the bonsai-like structure of this old mulberry until I passed it at just the right time.  Too bad I didn’t catch it earlier, when the ground was covered with its golden leaves.  Now most of them have blown away.

mulbrylvs 3

It’s  sure been fun working with Bella.  We’re still taking it slow and easy, reviewing Trish’s lessons at each step.  Today we saddled up, and put the bridle on.  (No reins, yet.)  She’s been a little bit of a diva about the bit — “Oh, you can’t possibly expect me to let that nasty hard thing in my delicate mouth!” — so I was pleased to get through that with no trouble.  Then we went down to the round pen and longed for a while.  After that, I put my foot in the left stirrup and put weight in it, and did the same with the right.  Last, I climbed up on the mounting block, put my leg over her croup, and rubbed it back and forth.  No problems at all.  I’m having a hard time keeping myself from climbing on, but that would be a Very Bad Idea.  At least for right now . . . if only I were twenty years younger.  Or even thirty!


Posted December 11, 2012 by stablewoman in Bella, Nature

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