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I took my new camera on a test run yesterday, and it looks like it’s going to be fine.  First I took it down to the river, because I’d heard it actually had water in it.  How about that?  A river with actual water!

Here it comes . . .


waterdec8 3 And there it goes . . .

waterdec8 2

Rye and Xena weren’t quite sure what to make of the gentleman with the boxer dog across the river.  They seemed relieved to be called back.

Here’s a direct comparison.  First, an iPhone shot of Bella from a couple of days ago.


Then, one from the Nikon; same time of day, same place, same pony.

belladec8 2

I like the level of detail and trueness of color in the second shot much better.  It was much the same kind of day, too; hazy and somewhat overcast.  Of course, the second was taken away from the sun, but there really wasn’t much of that.

I can see, though, that there’s a place for both.  I’m much more likely to have the iPhone along with me if a good shot comes along.


Posted December 9, 2012 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Kern River

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