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Last night was eventful.  I was sitting peacefully in the living room at about 5:30, waiting for Billy to get back from his rounds, when the phone rang.  It was Billy’s sister, Tie.  She wanted to know why all of the fire trucks and sheriff’s cars were headed for our place.

Well, I certainly hadn’t heard anything from across the road, so I rang off and headed outside to see if I could see anything.  It seemed peaceful.  Just then friend Lori B. happened by, and I snagged her to drive over and see what was going on.

Once we got under the bridge, it was obvious something was.  There were two big fire trucks in front of the mobile home that serves as a clubhouse, and several other vehicles.  I didn’t see Billy anywhere.  We collared a passer-by, and asked him what was going on.  It seemed that there had been a fire in the mobile home; it had been started by a space heater in the bathroom.  The fire was out, though, and no one was hurt.  We weren’t useful, so we went back to the house and Lori dropped me off.

Billy arrived a while later, and said that the fire had actually been out before the fire trucks arrived.  There had still been a lot of people around, and everyone grabbed a hose and started squirting.  The firemen finished the job, and checked to be sure everything was really out, and the electricity and propane shut down.  Thing were Under Control.

The mobile home, though, in the light of day this morning, looked pretty dismal.


The structure is sound, thanks to a sheet-rocked bathroom, but there’s a lot of fire and water damage.  It remains to be seen if it will be worthwhile to rebuild it — it dates from the ’60s — or just haul it off and start over.  There was a little insurance; that will help out.

Meanwhile, everybody’s going to be sitting around the big mulberry instead of in the clubhouse — and hiking to the other bathrooms.

Less exciting, but still notable, was the first tule fog of the season this morning.  It came in about one o’clock in the morning, making the outside world into a black wall of nothing.  By the time I got up, though, it wasn’t too bad.


The picture isn’t blurry — just foggy!

I did buy a new camera today.  It’s a Nikon Coolpix S9300, with 16.0 megapixels and an 18 power zoom.  Tomorrow . . . the first pictures from it.


Posted December 8, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch, Events, Weather

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