Bella’s Home Again   1 comment

We picked her up yesterday, after trainer Trish showed off her new accomplishments.  I wish I knew how to download the videos I took on my iPhone, but I’ll have to study up on that.  I’m still trying to figure out why, when I downloaded them, they all came up sideways.

I took some stills, though.  Here is Bella waiting while Trish moves some stuff in the arena.  She never moved an inch while “parked”.

belladec4 1

She stood nicely to be mounted, and waited for the signal to move off.  Trish used a mounting block, because she didn’t want to take any chance of the saddle moving on a round little pony.

Then Bella walked and trotted quietly.  Trish looks big — some of that’s coat — on her, but a four-year old pony is capable of carrying this much weight nicely.  It’ll be a while before she’s ready to canter, though.  It’s important to let a little lady like this adjust to that weight up top at every step.  It’s too easy to throw her off balance.

belladec4 2

Besides a simple walk, trot, and change directions, she backs, sidepasses, does a turn on the forehand, and has the beginning of a turn on the haunches.  In the last picture, Trish had tossed away the reins and sat down in the saddle; all that was required to get a nice balanced stop.

belladec4 3

However, she’s still the same jumpy, reactive little thing she’s always been.  The good thing is that her little starts almost never involve moving her feet!  She’s still leery of strangers; it was funny to see David making up to her while she leaned away from him, looking like a pony in a high wind.  But she never moved her feet — just gradually unleaned (Is that a word?) as he won her confidence.

Working with her is going to take a world of patience, but the results will be worth it.

I see it’s snowing on WordPress again . . .


Posted December 5, 2012 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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  1. The best way to get you videos is to email them to yourself from your phone then go to your computer and save them 🙂

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