Headed to Lancaster . . .   1 comment

. . . to pick up Bella tomorrow.  Fog permitting, that is.  It’ll be nice to see the li’l critter again, and see how her saddle training has progressed.  Now I’ll try to get someone competent to continue working with her here.  Riding a pony isn’t easy; there’s practically nothing in front of you, and it feels really strange.

Today was spent mostly cookie baking, and the house smells really good.  I stopped on the way home from the store to take a picture of the leaves on the nearest neighbors’ lawn.  They have liquidambar, too.


There probably won’t be an entry tomorrow, unless we get back earlier than expected.  I’ll try to get some pictures there, but trainer Trish is on jury duty and may not be there.

It’s busy around here.  We are getting five new horses in today!

Posted December 3, 2012 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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  1. I’ll volunteer lol 😉

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