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We had to do some horse shuffling today, to get a place for a horse coming in, so we decided to put my Duffy and Andrew’s Kitty together in a larger pasture.

Talk about an odd couple — Duffy is a large, clumsy gelding . . .


Kitty is a dainty little mare . . .


So we were a little worried about how they’d get along together.  Neither one is aggressive, but I visualized Duffy accidentally running over little Kitty.  However, when we turned them out together, they weren’t really that interested in each other.


Duffy mostly wanted to hassle the geldings over the fence.  Kitty just wanted to look around.  I think it’ll be fine . . . unless Duffy falls in love.

It’s December first, so I think I’ll change the theme for this blog today.  I’ll look for something wintery.  That’s positive thinking, I guess!


Posted December 2, 2012 by stablewoman in Duffy, Horses

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