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Andrew called about ten o’clock last night, to let us know there was a car in the flood control tunnels that run under Manor and connect the two sides of our property.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that it had flipped into the tunnel from the road above.  This happens fairly regularly, sometimes with fatal results, so Billy went down to see what was up.  Since I wouldn’t be useful, I stayed in the house and minded the phone.

Billy was back before long, to report no fatal results this time.  It had been, according to the CHP, a brand new, hundred-thousand dollar BMW.  It was presently upside down in the space between the tunnels, with the roof mashed almost flat.  Somehow, though, the driver had managed to wiggle out, and was nowhere to be found.

We thought that it must have been stolen, but according to the patrolman, it’s almost impossible to steal this particular car.  Most likely the owner, or a friend or relation, had been . . . impaired . . . and crashed his nice new vehicle.  Then he took off to avoid a DUI.

I wonder what he’ll tell his insurance company?

This morning I went down to the tunnel to see if there were any bits of Beamer left for us to clear up.

Here’s the tunnel.  The first leg goes under the on-ramp; the second under the road itself.  Usually wrecks end up in the space between the two, which is easy to see in this shot.


It must have hit the side of the tunnel pretty hard, judging by the oil stains.


There were bits of Beamer glass still sprinkling the dirt.  I was worried about them getting into Xena’s paws — she was very interested, for some reason — but that didn’t seem to be a problem.  Somebody will get the tractor in and scrape it out, though.


It could have been a lot worse.  I can think of three fatalities in that spot over the years, plus a double fatality crash that cleared it and landed on the other side.  It’s not a good spot to hit too fast.  This guy (or gal) was very lucky.

And he had a very good car.  Or used to . . .




Posted December 2, 2012 by stablewoman in Events

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  1. Geez!

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