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Kody is a very expressive pony; often you can almost hear him talking.  He’d give Mr. Ed a run for his money.  The trouble is, quite often it’s Evil Pony that’s speaking.  Especially around bath time.

The trouble is that it’s hard for the crew to avoid overfeeding him, unless he has his very own grass/alfalfa bales.  Straight alfalfa is just too rich for ponies.  They ran out for one feeding, with the result that his tail was clotted with manure.  I had gotten most of it, but today I set out to get the rest.  As long as I was at it, I shampooed his mane.  It’s 72 today.  There was no danger of getting him chilled.

As any horse owner will tell you, the bath is the easy part.  It’s what happens afterward that’s discouraging.  As humid as it is out there, no point in tying him up to dry.  I just turned him out into his freshly-cleaned pen.  Here’s what he did.

“I’ll bet you think you won.  You got me clean.  Well, just watch.”


“First I have to pick just the right spot.  Ah, there’s some leftover pee and poop . . . right here.”


“Here I go!  Are you watching?”

kodybath4“Ahhh . . . that feels good.”


“Well!  I guess that’ll show you!”


I shall not show his other side.  It’s just too painful . . . at least we found another grassy bale.

They’re still predicting rain, which he will no doubt use to finish the job.  So far, though, it’s just gray and cloudy.  I’m still using the iPhone for pictures, until I can get to the camera doctor.  I’m afraid it’s too late, though.

Gee . . . I’ll just have to buy a new camera!


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