Kody’s Big Adventure   1 comment

It was still grey and drizzly this morning, but the rest of the day has been pleasant.  I decided to get little Kody up, and turn him out in the big pasture.  I figured he’d enjoy running around and visiting.

He did.  At least the visiting part.

“I have to let this big boy know who’s the boss around here!”

 “What do you mean, it isn’t me??”

“Well, I guess I could wander around a little . . . what?  You want me to TROT?”

“Hey, this is kind of fun!  Do you like my big Welsh trot?”

Of course, this lasted about thirty seconds before he claimed he was Tired Out.  He was sorry, though, because then we went and had a nice tail wash.  He needed it.  He’s going to get another tomorrow, weather permitting.

While we were out there, I saw the coyote people have been reporting walk past.  I almost couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was, because it had an obvious case of mange.  It had almost no hair on its tail, and didn’t look healthy at all.  I’m afraid there’s not going to be a good ending to his story.


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  1. I love the Kody stories…He is a cutiepie!

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