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It looks as if I got my iPhone just in time, because my camera has given up the ghost entirely.  I’m not blaming it, because it’s certainly had cause.  I imagine the beginning of the end was when it fell out of the pony cart.

Anyway, it was the iPhone I took out to record the liquidambar’s slow journey into winter.  The leaves are very few, now; not enough to hide the dove that was watching me with interest.  There was a single little goldfinch, too, but he was too small and quick to capture.

The pinkelponkers are much more prominent.  They look so much like tiny UFOs.

Still, there are spots where the leaves are beautiful.

Especially when they are backlit.

Well, WordPress is declining to show the backlit picture.  Maybe tomorrow.


Posted November 27, 2012 by stablewoman in Nature

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