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Things are getting back to normal, after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  It was a beautiful day, with lots of riders enjoying themselves.

It’s always fun to see the little kids being carted around on their folks’ horses.  My camera was acting up again — these are iPhone shots — so I missed the cutest part.  But the grown-ups were having a good time, too.

Horses and riders were just ambling around the arena, relaxed and happy.  I was interested by one small visitor.  I had never seen a live Bull Terrier before, only those in commercials.

He was a very well-behaved little guy, only five months old, and a bit bewildered by his surroundings.  He’s not only a Bull Terrier, but a miniature Bull Terrier, and his name is Nixon.  I think I can see a certain resemblance around the eyes.

By the way, our belated Thanksgiving went very well.  I tried a method I’d read about, in which you roast the turkey for the first couple of hours breast down, and then turn it over to finish cooking.  I’ve always had a problem with overly rare drumsticks, and this certainly seemed to help.  I’d do it again that way.


Posted November 25, 2012 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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