Baying the Bobcat   Leave a comment

There was a bit of excitement yesterday over the sighting of a bobcat.  Or the bobcat — we’ve never been sure how many were around.  At any rate, it was probably the one who got his picture taken by one of the boarders quite some time back.  I can’t at the moment think who it was — but it was taken from horseback.  Isn’t he, or she, beautiful?


The horses were a bit upset, but a bobcat isn’t big enough to bother one.  They seemed to figure that out, but Kody seemed to be watching for it the rest of the morning.  Maybe he figured ponies might be more of a bobcat menu item.

It wasn’t till later that I heard that boarder Barbara had seen Rye chase the bobcat up a tree.  Rye?  Humble, diffident Rye?

“Who, me?”

Well, good for her; but it’s probably a good thing the bobcat decided to climb the tree.  If she had cornered it, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have come out on top.  It’s as big as she is, and a lot, um, pointier.


Posted November 15, 2012 by stablewoman in Nature

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