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There are a lot of people out working with their horses right now.  The weather is perfect for it, and there are riders in the arenas all day long.

First out this morning was boarder Donna and the Spotted Warmblood, Santana, that she is riding.  He is a gorgeous creature.

Then I could see something interesting in the round pen, so I wandered down there.  Do you remember the paint mama and baby featured a few months back?  Well, baby is weaned now, and it’s time for mama to get some training.  Her owner Danielle had no idea how much training she’d had, so wisely decided to start at the very beginning.  First, she was saddled and worked riderless in the round pen.

Then, with the help of a friend, she just moved the saddle on her back so Mama could feel it.

Next, belly up across the saddle.  All of this was repeated until the mare was relaxed and ready for the big step.

And here’s the big moment!

Mama was a little dubious, as the slant of her ears shows, but put up no fuss at all.  She was led around a bit, but my camera was refusing to cooperate at that point.  It was a very successful session, and I’m looking forward to seeing Mama’s (I’ve got to find out her name) progress.



Posted November 14, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses

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  1. mama’s name is Dahlia, her nick name is dally and the baby’s is Angel (: i’m the friend (Brooke) who helped Danielle out today

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