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The roan colt that boarder Brandi brought in, that is.  In fact, he’s coming along exceptionally well for a youngster that came in unstarted about three weeks ago.  He walks, trots, canters, backs, and sidepasses.  That’s a lot of learning; he must be a very bright and cooperative colt.  He has graduated from the round pen to the big arena, as you see here.  Look how relaxed he is . . . head down, tail and ears at neutral.

I’m using “colt” here in the wider sense of a young horse.  Technically, a colt is an unaltered male horse up to three years old.  They become geldings, not colts, the moment they undergo what racing folk have been known to call “the ultimate equipment change”.  But here in cowboy country, a young horse in training will probably be called a colt — even if he’s a filly.

It’s been cool and breezy all day.  That’s the kind of weather that makes even old horses feel frisky and kick up their heels, so this colt’s attitude is even more remarkable.  Of course, Brandi has a lot to do with it, too.

He’ll go far.

Posted November 10, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses

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