We Found the Water   Leave a comment

We had to hike quite a way through the sand to get to it, and though all four dogs started with me, Rye and Gena elected to stay on the bank.  Spanky and Xena, though, were up for an adventure.

There was quite a bit of water, but it wasn’t flowing.  They’re probably working on something upriver.  This will soak in soon, but at least the vegetation is getting a drink.

Xena, of course, wanted me to throw a stick.  I couldn’t resist this pleading stare, and threw one as far as I could.

She charged after it . . .

. . . while Spanky just watched.  She packed it over to the opposite bank, where she carefully deposited it.

Then she swam back.

She was really disappointed when I wouldn’t go get it.  There’s only so far that I’ll go, though, even for a disappointed dog.

This afternoon, Kody and I went for a pleasant drive.  I’m still staying on this side of the ranch; there are a lot of new horses across the way that are going to be scared to death by their first glimpse of a pony and cart.  I’ll have to plan our first trip over there carefully.  If the weather goes as predicted, it’ll be a few days before we try it again, anyway.



Posted November 7, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses, Kody

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