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There’s a lot to learn about an iPhone, I’m discovering — for one thing, where to put the capital.  If any.

I spent most of my time with it today learning how to use the camera.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pictures.  They’re much smaller than those from my camera, of course, but I got some pretty good images.

Liquidambar, with pinkelponkers.

Daylily, with water droplets.

Rose, with . . . lots of pink.

The pictures are easy to download and edit on the computer.  You can also edit them on the iPhone, but I have to do more research before I try that.

I can also make and receive a call, make a grocery list in Notes, and I’m beginning to work on the map function.  There’s a lot to learn.

Now if I can just get Billy to touch his . . .



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