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Brandi’s roan gelding is coming along well.  He’s accepting the saddle and bridle, longing, and is ready to start ground driving.  I went out about sunset last night and watched them.  The days are sure getting short!

I slodged through the sand this morning — great exercise — and took a shot looking upriver.  There’s water up there farther.

There would be some water seeping down beneath the sand, so the trees upriver don’t look as bad as ours.  It’s hard to remember that for many years, this was the normal way for the river to look!  It wasn’t until the city took over the water rights years ago that we began expecting actual water in the river.

I haven’t done a Floral Friday in a long time.  Flowers are in short supply, too.  There is a cluster of daylilies looking like they’ll bloom soon, but for now, this late rose is about all.

It’s a pretty, old-fashioned one, though, with a rich pink color.

There’s not much of a theme to this entry.  It’s been a pleasant but unremarkable day . . . and I mean that in a good way.


Posted October 26, 2012 by stablewoman in Flowers, Horses, Kern River

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