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Kody got fatter and fatter during the long hot summer, when I didn’t drive much.  Now that the weather’s cooler and we’re ready to go back to work, he just barely fits between the shafts.  So helper Jerry found some lo-cal, grassy hay for him.  At the edges of alfalfa fields, there’s usually some grass; so bales from the edge of the field may contain some.  It’s still excellent horse feed.  In fact, some people prefer a grass/alfalfa mixture.  We don’t have enough for everyone, though, and Jerry’s holding out those few bales for Kody.

He doesn’t seem to mind.

When I took this picture, all that was on his mind was, “Where’s my carrot?”

He got it, too.

Tomorrow he’ll be the only pony around here.  David and I are taking Bella to Lancaster for a second round of training — weather permitting.  It’s not supposed to rain, but it might be windy.  That’s not a good thing when you’re pulling a horse trailer, especially one with only a light little pony in it.  The forecast calls for diminishing winds tomorrow, though.

Trish the trainer made a lot of progress with her last time.  We’ll see if she’s ready to go on to higher education now.


Posted October 23, 2012 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses, Kody

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