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There was a Poker Ride yesterday, from the Preserve to the Bullshed downriver.  The Bullshed is a gathering spot for local horsemen, among others.  The riders came back through, headed for the trailers, about sundown.  It looked like a very good time was had by all.


This afternoon I looked out to see the cremello colt that was born this spring, with owners Kelly and Dave (plus offspring) going by.  They had improvised a little rope harness, and the colt was pulling a plastic traffic . . . thingy.  He was relaxed and mellow about it, but Xena was curious.

I’m sure he wanted a shot showing his pretty blue eyes!

Experiences like this are wonderful for a colt, when the owners know what they are doing, and it looks like this baby has inherited his mother’s wonderful disposition.

Speaking of Xena, we’ve been keeping her and Rye in the house most of the night, because she will try to tackle the coyotes when they go by.  I was a little worried, because they’ve never been inside for any length of time without access to the doggie door, but they’ve been perfect ladies so far.

Although Billy had to chase Xena off the bed so he could get in it himself.


Posted October 21, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses

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