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It’s always fun — in a nostalgic way — to go through old photographs, scan them onto the computer, and work on bringing them back from their faded glory.  The old picture album these came from is literally falling apart.  The pictures themselves, though, are golden.

Here are little sister Sally and I at the old Brushpoppers arena, near little Arroyo Grande, at their All-Pony show in 1969.  I remember our sage-green matching outfits very well.  They were just perfect.  I was ready to go in to the driving class here.  Ooh, cat glasses.  And boy, was I skinny!

I think that it was those outfits that got us a blue ribbon in the leadline class.  Sally was showing it off in the previous picture, so that class must have been first.  Here Dad holds Telstar while I get a picture.  It was a Polaroid camera, as the variations in color show.

Telstar, that wonderful little Welsh mare, was in her prime.  Here we are in the Pismo Clam Festival parade, February of 1970.

It isn’t just any pony that you would trust with your little sister in the cart in a parade.  Those green outfits were making a second appearance.  It wasn’t long after that we moved to Bakersfield.  I thought there probably wouldn’t be much room for horses in my life there.

Boy, was I mistaken!


Posted October 19, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses, Old Times

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  1. I LOVE these photos! I think you’re right about the sage green outfits snagging the blue ribbon. We were cute! I remember the day well. I didn’t fully understand the concept of “first place,” but I thought the blue ribbon was very pretty. That was the most fun a little sister could have. Thank you, Roberta! I’ll cherish those memories forever.

    You got us matching yellow shirts for the Clam Festival so that we could have a slight variation on the sage green outfits. What a cool sister!

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