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The most exciting event yesterday — thank goodness — was the purchase of a new truck.  One of the good old Fords died the final death a few months ago, and we needed another.

Of course, it’s not actually a new truck.  It’s a 2010 GMC single cab V6, and it’s got Onstar!  And a built-in phone!  To us, this is the ultimate in tech.  It’s nice and shiny, and the interior is immaculate.  I’ll have to get its picture — while that lasts.  Son David picked it out, because he’ll be driving it most.

Trish the trainer contacted me last week.  She’ll be able to take Bella again after the 22nd.  She’ll evaluate her maturity level, and we’ll decide what direction to go with her.  Meanwhile, Kody and I had another drive today, and it was totally without incident.  No runaway thieves, nor police presence.  We’ve heard that other stables have had problems, too.  One had three tackrooms entirely cleaned out.

Petty crime does seem to be on the rise lately.  I’m afraid they know that not much is going to happen to them, even if they do get caught.  It’s frustrating for us, and must be even more so for the police.

They’d better leave David’s new truck alone!


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