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Yesterday started off well enough.  I took my walk in the morning, and got a couple of pictures.

I told this filly that red was definitely her color.  Especially with sparkles.

I asked Xena if it was really her ambition to bathe in every water trough on the place.

Neither one of them had much to say in reply.

Then I went in to fix lunch.  I planned to drive Kody after lunch, but it wasn’t until about one-thirty that I got out there and got hitched up.  We started on our favorite circle around the yard, and on the second pass I noticed a couple of teenage Oildale punks walking through.  I gave them a friendly wave, but didn’t pay much attention.  Too bad.

The next circle I didn’t see them at all; but the fourth time around they passed me, running dead out.  I could hear a siren in the distance, and wondered if they had guilty consciences.  They sure did.  I saw Billy pull out in the pickup as I pulled up to unharness, well satisfied with my drive.  When I got inside, he was back — and on the phone to the police.  Those kids had stolen the .38 revolver he carries around with him at night.

They had filched it right out from under his nose, one of them grabbing it off the side table while the other distracted him by asking to use the bathroom.  He didn’t realize for ten minutes or so that they had taken it.  That’s just as well.  I don’t like to think what might had happened if a man nearly eighty had tried to stop them — and he would have.

The police arrived very quickly, and we spent the balance of the afternoon answering questions.  I took them down and showed them the tracks they had left as they ran, and they followed those tracks all the way to Oildale.  After that, of course, no way.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a description — I was busy steering Kody — and neither did Billy, as they had stayed behind his chair the whole time.  They looked like a hundred other kids that wander through, most of them harmless.  The police showed me a picture of a possible perp, but I couldn’t say one way or another.  I felt like one of those witless witnesses who looks but doesn’t see.  Well, I really was.

At any rate, we’re hardly unarmed, and several friends have offered us alternate weapons.  That 38 had never been fired in anger for the 30-odd years we had it, and we hope it won’t be now.

Damn.  And I’m not a person who says that often.  Still, it really could have been worse.

The day wasn’t over yet.  We got a call from a very upset lady who had to get out of the boarding stable she was at immediately.  She had just bought a horse, and it turned out to be way more than she could handle, and they wouldn’t take it back.  The owner of her stable didn’t want it on the place.  She wailed despairingly, “They say it’s a stallion, and it’s a mare!”  She was right, too.  Anyway, we got it in, and so far it’s been perfectly peaceful.  We’re watching for a Jeckyll-and-Hyde transformation, though.

I think I’ve said this before — never a dull moment.


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