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We’ve been hearing coyotes singing at night lately.  That’s not common, because they usually stay east of us, out on the Nature Preserve.  Perhaps the drought is the reason; it’s hard for bunnies to find cover on bare ground, and the coyotes may have hunted them out.  In any case, they’ve been going by us at night, headed downriver.   The other night they were passing just as a siren went past up on the road.  I thought they might strain their furry throats trying to answer it.  It sounded like a coyote convention.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t bother us.  Coyotes don’t attack horses, and we don’t have sheep any more.  The problem is the dogs.  When Xena hears them, she charges out shrieking threats and challenges.  She’s definitely not a big enough dog (no matter what she thinks) to take on a coyote pack.  Coyotes just love dogs — for dinner.  They would find fat little Rye delicious, too.

So . . . we had been shutting them out at night, ever since Rye made off with the customer’s glasses.  But we don’t want them eaten because they can’t get into the house for refuge.  Now we’re leaving the doggie door open at night, for that reason.

I just hope we don’t find a pack of coyotes in the living room some night.


Posted October 14, 2012 by stablewoman in Dogs, Nature, Pets

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  1. When we first moved here we were told to beware of the coyotes. They said the girl coyotes will come down from the hills and lure the boy dogs out of their yard and up to the boy coyotes, where they then kill the dogs. There must be something to that because more than one source told us and they were different people (service people and a neighbor).

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