Strangers in the Night   Leave a comment

We get quite a few; strangers in the night, that is.  Some are not welcome.  For example, whoever broke into a tackroom and stole some saddles — and the wheelbarrow to carry them away — was definitely not welcome.  It’s a good thing that most homeownes’ policies cover this kind of loss.

Other night time visitors are not so inclined to steal things.  They will, however, gladly scarf any goodies that they find.  Even though they are masked, they are a lot more welcome than the two-legged intruders.

The only clues to their identity that they usually leave are their footprints.

Yep, these visitors are furry; raccoons.

They’re not the only critters that go through at night.  Early this morning I was awakened by the wails of passing coyotes.  A few seconds later, I was awakened by Billy’s pickup as he pulled in after making a night patrol.

Although he’s not exactly a stranger.


Posted October 11, 2012 by stablewoman in Nature

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