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Marion and I went to see the pony and cart that had been advertised in the paper for several days, and it was an interesting trip.

I knew that I didn’t need the pony, but he was a handsome little fellow . . .

And he moved well . . .

There was a problem, though, which the lady was very up front about.  He had been choked as a baby, and had scar tissue in his esophagus.  As a result, he had to be fed on soft food (soaked alfalfa pellets) all of his life, or risk choking again.

I think I’ve said before that being choked for a horse is altogether different than it is for a human.  It doesn’t mean he’s been choked by something around his neck; it means he had a bolus of feed stuck in his esophagus.  The vet will try to flush it down gently, but if scar tissue results, there’ll always be a danger of choke again.  Since horses don’t breath through their mouths, it’s not as immediately dangerous as it is for a person; but it can be fatal.  In short — not a good thing.  He will need very careful feeding and care.

I hope he finds a good home.

Then we looked at the cart.  It is a Jerald runabout, an inexpensive (for a cart) general purpose vehicle.

It needed some refinishing, but seemed to be in good shape generally, with new wheels and shafts.  I might have been interested in it — at a price — but she didn’t really want to let it go without the pony.  At my age, I really don’t need a lively youngster; but I will ask around.  The trouble is that it’s very hard to find a home for any unbroken young horses.

This is a nice little gelding, though, and I’m sure he’ll find a home eventually.


Posted October 9, 2012 by stablewoman in Horses

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